Vauxhall Grandland X review


This weekend we were kindly given the new Vauxhall Grandland X to try out. Being completely honest, at first we might have scoffed at driving a Vauxhall. We both hold our hands up to being really into luxury cars and essentially a little bit ‘snobby’ when it comes to car brands. Some of our last cars have been Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Range Rover – you get the idea. BUT we were willing to give it a go and see what we might have been missing out on by essentially dismissing a car purely based on the badge. Could it turn us? It seemed like the perfect opportunity to be re-educated.


First of all, we admit we were not wowed by the look of the car. It’s a fairly simple looking vehicle, and since we are both attracted to quite striking aesthetics and used to the styling of executive brand cars (often with additional after market extras), it didn’t really compare in the looks department. However, it was nice looking, completely inoffensive- just not a head turner. The 19inch diamond cut dual-tone alloy wheels were a nice touch though. It’s an unfair comparison really to our current Range Rover in terms of styling. It’s a very different price point too – and that has to be taken into account. The Vauxhall is a no-fuss car. It is what it is. And it’s nice enough. 


The Grandland X came into its own when we got inside though. We actually assumed the model we had must have had lots of extras. It had everything you could possibly need. The panoramic roof was glorious on the first sunny weekend of the year. The Apple Car Play was so user friendly and much used over the weekend from two phone junkies. Heated seats and  steering wheel, European sat nav,  wireless charger, leather seats, cruise control, trip computer, power outlet for the back seats – the list was endless. The built-in phone system was the clearest either of us have experienced, it really was great. But when we looked at the specification for the model we had, the only extras were the metallic paint and the spare wheel. A total of around £600 of extras. This was pleasantly received as the brands we have previously bought usually had a starting price and then pretty much everything was extra so the price soon crept up and up and we were often made to compromise over certain extras to allow for others. But with the Vauxhall Grandland X, what you see is pretty much what you get. The only thing we consciously missed from our current cars was push button start- we couldn’t get used to putting the key in and kept leaving it in the centre console and looking for a button. Minor really though.

In terms of space in the car- it was plenty. We went shopping- did a weeks shop and had the pram in the boot. The boot was actually bigger than expected. The boys had more than enough room in the back and loads of light – due to the panoramic roof. They really enjoyed that! It really was pretty perfect as a family car. 

0C9BCE81-9FA9-405C-B096-4A0575659602The Vauxhall Grandland X model that we had has a recommended on the road retail price of £27, 760. It’s a bargain really. Has it converted us? Possibly. At around £15,000 cheaper than our current model and with lots of bonuses we weren’t expecting-  it’s definitely got us thinking that’s for sure. It has made us realise just how much more we pay for a badge. If you are in the market for a reasonable family car that’s going to be comfortable, practical with lots of nice touches and latest tech included it’s most certainly worth a look. 

Sam, Emma and the Mad Lads.

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