Getting Ready with the Mad Lads.

So it’s like, December so this means it’s officially party season. But then you remember you have kids and not quite so much partying will be happening as once occurred. But the Mad Lads team still have a few parties booked in. Work dos and so on. My parents have a better social life than me these days- out every weekend in December- handy when they are also your babysitting source.

This busy time of year means it’s, perhaps, even more important to have a daily routine down to ensure you don’t end up looking like a haggered elf by December 25th And forever captured this way in family photos. The cameras always come out at Christmas. A lot of you ask me, over on Instagram, what kind of morning routine I have. With the mad lads how do I manage to do hair/ makeup? So, I’m going to let you in to my secrets and how to go from day to night in about half hour (the switch over time from Dad of Mad Lads getting in from work and me having to go out).

So firstly my daily routine. If we have to be up early I usually shower the night before and wash my hair. This saves time in the morning and I like my hair to have that slept on look and not be so perfect. I use a banana clip to scrap it all up on the chilled days. These save your hair from the damage of the ‘Mum bun’ and also looks like you have made some effort- when in fact it took 30secs to clip together. I’m using this one from scunci and I bought it in Claire’s accessories- well the concession in Toys R us to be exact- which explains a lot doesn’t it? 904A78D2-E543-4205-B3D7-CF46FE4B2034If I do shower in the morning, it’s quick and I’m usually up about 6.30 just before the kids. I am loving these Sanex products at the moment for the shower.


This shower gel is great as it has minimal ingredients. So it’s kind to the skin. No Parbens, No soap, No colourants. I’m not a fan of overly fragranced products I think they are too harsh and I wonder how those bright pink ones are bright pink?! These are prefect.

I also finish up with their deodorant. For the same reasons AND I can vouch it leaves no white marks!

I have been using Your Good Skin products as they were kindly sent to me, so I put the moisturiser on my face before I apply makeup. My makeup takes me 10 minutes. I have my daily makeup in a bag, tip it out on the bed and apply each thing before putting it back in the bag, thus ensuring I don’t forget anything. First  foundation- the best everyday one I have found is Rimmel Wake me Up! Foundation. It is anti-fatigue (handy) and is only about £9 which is what you need when you wear it everyday. It’s light and glows which I like. I apply it using a brush. I then use a Max Factor powder- which again is only £11 so great for everyday. I chuck on YSL blusher, Rimmel Eyebrow pencil, High Definition Bronzer (if I’ve got Fake Tan on), Dior mascara and I’m good to go. If I want to look like I have made a little more effort I sling some bronzer on my eyelids and eyeliner. This looks like I have eyeshadow on and gold/ brown tones work with green eyes. This is just a quick extra. I add a neautral lip later after breakfast and doing my teeth using Arm and Hammer advanced white extreme. My whole makeup I can do in 5 minutes. Yes really, I timed it. Once you do something everyday you get speedy.

What are the boys doing at this time? Causing havoc usually. They love to play with my makeup and I really don’t mind. Eden likes to pass me things- I say find me the black pencil and he does! So helpful. Peppa Pig is usually on or Dad of Mad Lads takes them downstairs for breakfast. I usually lay out outfits for us all the night before to save having to think about it in the morning.

This next product, I don’t think I would be  able to live without as a busy part-time working Mum to two. Dry shampoo. And for me it’s only Batiste. Their bottles are always so pretty- I have one from the naughty or nice collection at the moment. Nice obviously! If i haven’t had time to wash my hair dry shampoo allows me an extra day, as well as giving my hair a lift. All hail dry shampoo, it’s going to save me through December for sure. I have one of the small ones too for my handbag for on the go touchups- anyone else’s hair seem to get greasy throughout the day? B36A011C-AF98-4072-A45A-E42318ACA3B1.jpeg

Another product I can’t live without is SudoCrem. Got a spot? Sudo. Cut? Sudo. Baby sore bum? Sudo. Boys Cut? Sudo. Basically anything. Nothing else works on spots like Sudocrem and they have bought out these handy little tubes now that seems to have taken up residence on my bedside table. Dad of Mad Lads loves it when I’m walking around with dots of it all over my face. It’s also really good for putting on after shaving your bikini line. A thin layer will stop any irritation and leave your skin baby smooth. Try it! I cannot live without SudoCrem and have been using it for years. I still love the tub and always have one on the go, but these new tubes have transformed my life!



If I am going out I take my makeup off in the afternoon and let my skin breathe before reapplying. I do it slowly throughout the afternoon in between playing with the boys and doing their dinner. Once their dinner is served I sit at the dining table with them and do my makeup, I usually have a 22 minute window here while they are sitting still and eating. Us mums really do have to multi task. My evening makeup is a whole other blog post! When I’m out for the evening there is usually a half hour- to an hour window of Dad of Mad Lads coming in and me going out. I am usually full hair and makeup already so I can spend this time putting the boys to bed and having a play before I get changed and head out. One tip- do not leave your outfit choice until the last minute. I have usually tried on what I’m wearing earlier in the day to avoid last minute panic and decided on shoes and bag etc. I also have about 4/5 outfits at the ready in my head at all times. I hate getting flustered when getting ready so I think a full 24 hours of prep helps me. Usually starting with Fake Tan the night before and outfit choice. Also another tip if you Instagram or blog is to photograph your outfit in advance. When light is good, when you are not dashing out the door and also you can check the outfit is comfortable, looks ok etc.

Just writing this blog post and thinking about my routine has left me exhausted. I sometimes wonder how we do it all. But we do! Make sure you make time for yourself during this busy festive period and try to have a plan where your self care comes in to it too. I always say that, for me, looking good equals feeling good. So those ten minutes in the morning to apply makeup and get ready- letting the boys entertain themselves are really important. Even if I’m not going anywhere or just running errands, I am always up and dressed and makeup by 8.30am and I’m a strong believer that this positive attitude does wonders. I’m set up for the day, the party season, Christmas, bring it on. My war paint is on!

Throughout December we will be featuring posts on how to look after yourself during this busy time and look and feel good. I have a very exciting collaboration coming up soon- watch this space.




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