House of Kid & Mad Lads


As a Mum of two boys I am always looking for super cool outfits for them. I sometimes find the ‘boy’ section limiting and often find myself in the ‘girls’ section and buying them things from there. The girls section seems to be more fashion forward and more interesting. It’s getting better with each season though, I must say, in the 3 years I’ve been actively shopping for clothes for the boys I  have definitely seen an improvement recently to when I first started out.

When House Of Kid contacted us to receive some of their products I was REALLY excited. It’s just the kind of brand I like. And the best thing? They don’t believe in ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ items and just have unisex ones. This means that their designs are not limited or confined to what boys and girls should wear. They are just cool. Also handy if you want to do some twinning with your babes but you have the boy/ girl combination.

It was packaged beautifully

The designer, maker and just about everything else behind the brand, Cleo Cobb, even designed her own animal print. And if you are a regular reader/ follower you know I bloody love a bit of leaopard print. Yes I’ll work with you. I want to take this opportunity to say that I don’t take every offer I get as a blogger. I only genuinely promote something if I think it’s something you’d all like, I genuinely like it or I like the company and what they stand for. House of Kid ticked all the boxes.


This black long sleeves tshirt that Eden is wearing I was secretly hoping she would send me. I adore it. It’s a lightning bolt (have you seen my Instagram !!!), it’s animal print and it’s inspired by superheros. It got the big thumbs up from Eden for the last reason and it seemed to inspire him to run around and catch the baddies. He wore it on Saturday and received compliment after compliments on his tshirt. He’d proudly display his lightning bolt to anyone who gave him half a glance. Sainsbury’s checkout lady, man in car park, Lady at the cash point… you catch my drift.


Xanders top has a yellow cloud patch with raindrop print. I can see the 90s inspiration behind it- he just needs a Bucket hat and a glow stick. He looks adorable in it. I love the fact that these tees match but don’t match if you know what I mean and the boys look great in them. I can see this print on bedding and soft furnishings- it would look great in a Nursery. It’s young and fun but still stylish. The tees are very true to size. Xander at 13 months is wearing 12-18m and Eden at nearly 3 is wearing 2-3 but he’s a small one. I like the fact you don’t have to size up with a lot of designer brands. It gets so confusing! Also, how much are the boys working it next to my graffiti wall? They loved being models for me. And Eden was showing Xander how to stand in front of the wall- not sure where they get it from?!

High fives for being the best models

House of Kid believe clothes should be awesome, comfy and part of celebrating adventure, exploring, music culture, colour and pattern. They have signature strong graphic shapes- like the lightning bolt and cloud and the prints are amazing. When I was researching the brand I found their festival rave/ vibe  stood out. You don’t get much cooler than that. The fabrics are 100% Cotton, all ethically made. This can justify the price point. And I can vouch for their quality. Edens top has been worn, washed and back on in a matter of days. It’s his new favourite.

Cleo also sent me an array of iron on patches. I am going to put these on the boys denim jackets and can’t wait for them to have their own unique piece that mummy customised. You can also design your own tshirt on the website and chose which symbol or letter you would like, in which print and on which colour tshirt. I have my eye on a number 3 tshirt for Edens impending birthday party. In leopard print obvs.


I have used the word ‘cool’ countless times in this post but I can’t think of any other word to describe House of Kid. As Eden would say it’s just ‘wellllll cool’.

Get Eden and Xanders tshirts Here and Here

2 thoughts on “House of Kid & Mad Lads

  1. Absolutely love that they don’t just cater for boys and girls but unisex. I find that in most shops too there is less of a selection of boys stuff too. Having 2 boys myself means I also tend to look at the girls stuff for unisex ideas. Also love the style they have and that your boys look so cool in the items too! Will definitely be having a look at there stuff myself properly for some Christmas ideas and my son’s 5th birthday in January. It’s always good to use the word cool repeatedly when it’s the best word to describe it. Thanks for sharing has given me some great stuff to investigate xx


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