Pushing the boys out… (literally)

Pushing the boys out…

I realised I haven’t shared my birth stories with you! I think it’s because I thought they were pretty uneventful and no one would want to read it. But actually it was eventful it was the birth of my boys and everyone has a story to tell. Here is my first birth story…

Nearly 40 weeks pregnant with Eden- going bowling for my birthday. (insert bowling ball jokes here)


My Baby Shower

Eden was born on Sunday 18th January at 5.27pm. Weighing 7lbs 4oz at 40+5 days. He was absolutely perfect in every way. The day before I was bored so we decided to go to a town about 40mins away from home and have a walk (waddle) round and some scrumptious lunch. I said to Sam he could have a drink and I would drive home. No way was anything happening today. I had convinced myself I had another week and would probably need to be induced. I just knew he was really comfy in there. We filled our boots and Sam had a ‘beer stick’ and we joked about how hilarious it was that I was over my due date and we were here and he was drinking and I was driving.


My opinion was that I wasn’t sure how much of this there would be after the baby was born so make the most of it. It was our last lunch and wander round a town as just us. No pram being pushed, no little hands being held or no little faces waiting for us at home. Little did I know that 3 weeks after he was born we’d be in the same restaurant and bar doing the same thing but with a tiny baby next to us. So much for not a lot of this happening when he was born!

3 weeks later

That night around midnight I felt weird. I was restless and couldn’t sleep. The weirdest thing happened. My best friend who was travelling alone at the time (Patagonia this day climbing Mount Fitz Roy) messaged me to say she was about to go off grid and live in a tent or something equally backpakery and said she had a feeling something was going to happen. As I read it I got up to go to the loo and had the most intense contraction. Exact same time. Crazy isn’t it? I get chills looking at that message thinking she was miles away having a very different experience to me but both life changing. We’ve been friends 20 years.


They say sit tight don’t they? Don’t come in to hospital as you will just be sent home. Stay at home, relax (!), breath. So I took the dog for a walk. At 1am. People were coming home from the pub. I was having contractions every 3/4 minutes although I couldn’t tell because they never really ‘went’. I was sending my friend videos of me. In agony. Walking the dog. Insane. I had a bath, washed and dried my hair all in between contractions that had me doubled over in pain. I phoned the hospital and they said there is no way I would be at the 4cm dilated level to be admitted so sit tight. First baby, no rush. I would like to point out we live about 40 minutes from the hospital. I was taking no chances. I told them I was coming whether they liked it or not. My hospital outfit on. Leather jacket over the top. Sick bowl in hand, agonising long drive on a towel- Sam was worried about the seats in his car. I was 7cm when I got there after they had basically told my husband not to bring the bags in. Knew it!! Delivery suite please! It was about 4am by this time.

I was happy for all the drugs. Give me all the drugs please. Why not? Epidural please. I had slowed down and hadn’t moved from 7cm for a few hours. Anything to make it easier. And it did. I fell asleep. Winner, winner chicken dinner. I slept for a good few hours. My contractions continuing and strengthening in my sleep. Sam went to get food. It was all very chilled out. My mum was there. Sam was playing candy crush. When I was awake (rarely) I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything because of the epidural or leave the bed but I was also being sick quite a lot and I was desperate for a bit of flavour. I remember just wanting coke. The drink to clarify. Sam snuck me some lemon flavoured water in. Couple goals. I fell asleep again. I always say I can fall asleep anywhere and think this demonstrates this.

Then I woke up in agony- where I had been asleep I hadn’t had the epidural topped up. It was too late to top it up now as I felt like I needed to poo which the midwife told me was a sure sign I was ready to push. All I can remember is my big toe sticking through the bed socks and it being REALLY annoying and asking my mum to sort it out every 3 minutes. I was off my tits on the gas and air. Literally, telling Sam to get Vinnie (our dog) out the room and he shouldn’t be here. Part of me wonders if this was a sign of what was to come for him. I subconsciously felt guilt towards him. I had hysterical laughing fits and I mean HYSTERICAL about my need to poo. I thought I was whispering to Sam “I need a poo but don’t tell anyone.” My mum, Sam and my two midwives- Rowan and Jess- were in absolute stitches.

With my hallucination Vinnie extracted from the room it was all systems go. My mum, Sam and my amazing midwife (Rowan) told me they could see his head but I didn’t believe them. I was convinced everyone was just telling me that to keep me going. So they made me feel. I felt his little head. It was so soft. It was just what I needed. Just when I felt I had nothing left to give (they say that don’t they? That’s when your baby is born when you feel like you’ve given all you can) he came out and straight up onto my chest. Magical. It was the moment I had been waiting for my whole life without knowing I had been.

I remember thinking can someone take him off me. I can’t see him and I was exhausted and didn’t feel like I could lift him. The midwife read my mind (She had a knack of knowing exactly what I needed and I can’t thank her enough) and took Eden and gave him to Sam to take over to the scales to be weighed and cleaned up. I saw the two of them walk off and was on cloud 9. Any pain had vanished and I was oblivious to the midwife delivering my placenta (yuck) and performing a clean up job. “What do you think he weighs?” 7lbs 4oz I said. I was spot on. Of course I was.

Minutes old… Perfection.

Sam put on his first little nappy- first for them both- and wrapped him up and bought him back over to me. We were now three. Our precious boy arriving safely and wonderfully. I felt like the luckiest woman on earth and couldn’t wait to get home.



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