Our Kitchen (for now)

Our Kitchen was here when we bought the house and space wise it’s an absolute dream. However, I’m not 1000% keen on the units and the plan is to re-fit it when we extend again. Notice I said WHEN.

But for now, I’ve jazzed it up and am pretty happy with it. When we have the new Kitchen I really want some Moroccan inspired tiles. These are a bit jazzy and I wanted to make sure I could live with them before I shelled out the quite expensive price tag. So I had the ingenious idea (even if I do say so myself) of sticking vinyl flooring tiles to the wall to see if I could a) live with it and b) didn’t get bored of it after 5 minutes.


It worked like an absolute dream! If you are on a budget and want to spruce up your kitchen this is the way forward. To do the whole kitchen cost me about £50 and it’s really practical because it’s washable. It was stuck on with vinyl flooring glue spray and I just cut it it to size and stuck it straight on the wall and over the splash back. I won’t feel at all bad for ripping it all out when we refit. This is the one we used  Here  F913FFC8-24E5-4A23-945E-AEB28D0C775F

Yes I have a disco ball above my hob. It’s from Asda and was initially bought for Xanders party but it’s never left and I like it there. My clock is from homesense and it’s huge and metal and industrial and all things I love. The “our kitchen is open” light up sign can be purchasedHere and is the bargain price of £18.99. I’m a bit obsessed with lights and love nothing more than turning them all on when it’s dark.


Our kitchen is very much the centre of our home. We work at the kitchen table, we entertain in here, we play in here and I wouldn’t change how we use it. It’s great that it’s all open with the playroom just off as we are all together in one space.

I have had my baby shower in this room, Edens first birthday party, Xanders first birthday party. We’ve had the whole extended family round the table. That’s what a home is really about.



The table is where everything happens. Where everything is dumped. Where bums have been changed and first meals eaten (not at the same time). I had this table before I had this house and bought the house to put the table in. I KNEW I wanted this family item and was on the lookout whilst we were house hunting. Not that I’m impatient or anything. As luck would have it friends of ours were moving to Spain and could not take it with them so were selling it! I saw the post on Facebook and nearly dropped my phone. It was exactly what I was looking for. I may not have found the house but I found the table. My husband thought I was mad. But I was so right. It is perfect. Now we just had to buy  somewhere to put it…



It was made locally and I love that it’s not perfect. It’s rough and ready and can take the hammering of family life. I adore it. It came with two benches but I’ve since bought Tolix chairs from a vintage shop in a village near us and over the months have had a combination of all chairs, some chairs and a bench or both benches- didn’t I say I get bored easily? I have linked some tolix chairs Here They are a nod to the industrial trend we’ve seen a lot of lately and my vintage ones are heavy and imperfect which is how I wanted them. The boys also have their Bloom fresco high chairs at the table so we really can all sit round. These high chairs are expensive but in my opinion worth it. Eden at nearly 3 still loves his as they adapt as your kids grow. He sits at the table with us and is so comfy in ‘his chair’.  It can be adjusted to the perfect height for them to eat with you. And they look great in the kitchen, We used to have a white one but I bought these two black ones second hand from eBay when Xander was born and sold the white one- matching and all that. Eden has been in his from newborn, it tilts right back and has a snug which you can fit for when they are tiny. He used to sleep in it while I attempted to cook or most importantly while we ate. The only downside to these chairs is that they are a bugger to clean. And I mean awful. There are too many nooks and I dread to think how many peas are squashed in there. Yo Sushi! Have these in their restaurants and it makes me feel sick how dirty they probably are. Having owned 3 of the things I know they are impossible to clean and I can’t see these getting cleaned down after every use in busy Yo sushi! But they DO look great so every cloud. The silicone cloud mats I got from eBay linked Here. 


Most of my inspiration for my kitchen comes from restaurants. I love to recreate things I’ve seen in restaurants and they usually are up to date with current trends so it’s an easy way to see what works together. And I’m always in them! This girl loves food. I’m not a fan of buying up the show room. I’m not one for going into Next home or Ikea and buying everything they’ve styled. I like to find different things, vintage or second hand things and throw them all together. It’s our home at the end of the day, not a show Home and I want it to reflect that. Artwork on the fridge and all. Things have memories or meanings or stories in our house.


Above are my vintage scales that I bought from a boot fair for £30. Again, Sam was like “Whay are you doing?” They are so heavy I couldn’t even lift them and had to go get cash out and beg the man to hold them for me. When I’m on a mission I’m on a mission. I love them! They have a local town (Ramsgate) written on them and I like to wonder about where they came from and what they might have been used for. Maybe in an old sweet shop? Answers on a postcard please…

My ‘get lucky’ light up metal sign was from a local shop called Trash or Treasure. Right up my street and I love knocking around in there and seeing what I can find. The only downside is I can’t fit the pram in and cannot trust the kids to be let loose inside. I can only visit with backup.  Shop Pictured below. Doesn’t it look good? Makes me want to go right now! 810EE810-96B0-441D-8FDD-E51ECD69A0F4

One of my favourite things in my kitchen is this poster from Luckies of London at Pop Chart lab. 21F6A7EF-8AFF-4B0B-A5AE-E4E86903CCE1.jpegIt is a cocktail wheel showing you how to make over 68 different cocktails. And guess what- I saw it in a restaurant. Sit down, order meal, google cocktail wheel poster, locate it, order it before starters have even arrived – that’s how I roll. It was £8.99 and I framed it and hung it. Not only does it look nice it’s informative too. It’s always happy hour at our house!

So that’s it, that’s our pretty eclectic kitchen. Filled with all my junk that I collect! I’m so glad I’ve done this blog post as it will serve as some great ‘before’ pictures for when we have our work done. Watch this space. Just need to work on Sam a bit more.





3 thoughts on “Our Kitchen (for now)

  1. Love your kitchen and all your quirky things. Those scales are lovely! Love it when people make there home reflect them and not just do it like a showroom. Thanks for sharing xx


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