The C Word (Christmas)

So it’s November which means I am officially allowed to think about Christmas. Christmas is a little bit more exciting now with two toddlers but I really don’t believe in going too crazy and buying in to all the hype that as parents we think we HAVE to. My honest opinion is that I’m going to make the most of the boys being happy with a colouring book and a piece of coal (joking) while I can. In a few years they will actually want stuff and it will be EXPENSIVE so I’ll get more involved then. At 2 and 1 year old they are happiest with a chocolate reindeer to be honest. (FAB ones in Aldi by the way for 49p).  Here is my Christmas edit. With all you need to know about how we do Christmas.

The Decorations:

Now, let’s not go mad here. I will not even think about decking the halls until December. Some people have their tree up now. No. No thankyou.

We have two trees- a traditional (Fake) one in the kitchen and a black one in the living room that is more modern. Then I also dress the house with little touches. I have a runner on our wooden table and usually a wreath in the middle- a few years ago I made one myself from things in the garden. Holly, ivy, etc etc. But since then we have had most of our garden scaled back and there is not much in the way of shrubbery. I might go foraging in the local park if I can be arsed. If I do it I’ll do a blog and show you how! I have my eye on this one though so maybe not… I’ll put this in the centre of the table, with some candles on a plate in the middle. It makes an excellent centre piece.

Wreath, Linea @ House of Fraser £32

I’ll take some pictures once all is decorated but this hopefully will give you some ideas in advance. I am planning a white, gold and wooden theme as our house is very WHITE, with oak floors and natural woods so I’m sticking to those colours. I also have seen some lovely reindeers in Home Bargains that I will put on the table and in the porch.

I love these Christmas cushions too… from (left) and Matalan (right)

We have a bow for our front door like the one below and light up candy canes. Keep it classy folks.


Our plans:

The run up to the big day is manic. We do lots of Christmas filled things. Local Christmas markets, grotto bookings and reindeer visiting. Last year I threw a Christmas Party for the kids but I’m undecided whether to do one this year. I’m not over Xanders birthday to be honest and the house is definitely not recovered.

We spend Christmas with family of course. We are fortunate to have two very happy families on both sides and both sets of our parents are still together. This makes things easier but also harder when deciding what and who to visit when. Christmas Eve will probably be spent at home, quietly as the following days will be full on for the boys so we will have an early night and put the carrot out for Rudolph and the punk IPA for Daddy, I mean Santa. I have a lovely wooden board that I bought last year from a Christmas market that has Eden and Xanders names on and we will get that out again. Eden loves this tradition and loves coming to see if it’s been eaten.

Christmas Day will be full of food and drink and present opening. We will wake up, open the boys few presents at home and then head over to my Mum and dads for lunch. We will probably walk across the park to theirs. I would definitely recommend getting to your local park on Christmas Day. It’s lovely. Kids on new bikes, families all together, crisp and cold. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Everyone is so jolly!

Boxing Day we head over to my in laws for much of the same. And I definitely need leggings on by this time. Or my old maternity ones- you think I’m joking.

New Year we go away for a few days. Last year was Brighton for seaside drinking, the two years before were Whitstable and this year we are heading to Walmer in Deal. We usually have 4 nights away, hire a house big enough for all the Hartridge’s  and just chill, drink, play games and have cold coastal walks.

What will I wear?:

My Christmas uniform consists of: wet look/ leather leggings, boots, jumper (sometimes a Christmas one) and statement earrings or necklace. I’m thinking of trying vinyl leggings this year to update the look- what do you think? Cat woman?



I have my eye on these jumpers…


River Island
H and M

I will wear something like this on Christmas Day with my statement earrings from New look.

New Look

We have a few Christmas Events and I have bought this dress for one of them:


I love this dress as it’s so versatile. I will dress it up with earrings and red heeled boots for a night out and then dress it down with trainers or over the knee flat boots for a day time look. I am so over buying sparkly dresses that I will wear once. This I will definitely get my wear out of over Christmas. You can actually help me which earrings shall I wear: (all from River Island)

I thought the crosses might be a nice nod to the real reason behind Christmas? And also a bit funny… Let me know which ones you think will work best with the dress.


Sam and I don’t get each other gifts for xmas. It sounds corny but we really do have it all and he spoils me throughout the year. We get each other a card and share a nice bottle of wine on Christmas Eve and I’ll wheel out the drinks trolley.

Our Drinks Trolley
My Dream Drinks Trolley from Oliver Bonus

But we have got the boys this kitchen from Asda which is a total bargain at £32.


Best thing about it- it’s not too big and won’t look too hideous in the house. And when they are bored of it I won’t feel bad for resigning it to the garden! I also have bought them some accessories to go with it and some stocking presents. But that’s about it. As I said, we don’t go too mad. We have a huge family and they get spoilt constantly. Got to keep them down to earth and honestly they will be most happy with that 49p chocolate reindeer from Aldi. As for family, I like to ask for days out or tickets for things for the boys. That way the presents get spread throughout the year. We have annual passes to the zoos and last year my sister went all out and took us all to DisneyLand Paris. She’s got some to live up to this year!

I always like to get my Mum something from Jo Malone. You can’t go wrong with the luxury of Jo Malone. And my Dad loves Molten Brown Body Wash. Smellies at Christmas are a must.

This year has been really crazy. We’ve been to Edinburgh, Paris, Majorca, Marbella, Italy and Ibiza. Its been non stop our first year as a family of 4- so we are looking  forward to a nice and relaxing Christmas and New Year and do it all again in 2018. I can’t wait to spend time with my wonderful family as that is what this season is really all about and all that matters.




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    1. It should be ok. I’m only 5”4 and it’s a nice length! It’s a gorgeous dress and if you do get it- size down it comes up big. X


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