Hols Lols

Holidaying with two toddlers was never going to be relaxing. It’s been full on. Non-stop, but it’s been great. The boys love being outdoors and running wild and what better place to do that than the sunny island of Ibiza.

The aeroplane was pretty easy- I just walked up and down the aisle most of the time and waved at everyone in their seats- with the kids I might add- not just me wandering around. There was a lady behind us who entertained Eden like an absolute trooper. She was amazing. Peekaboo through the seats, pointing out things to him through the window. If you are ever sat behind kids try and take her attitude- she was so good to us, for no reason other than to ease our stress a little bit and make a little boy smile on his way to his holiday. What a gem.

I downloaded the KidloLand app before I went after they contacted me to gift me a free subscription. It was a dream. The app has so much to do on it that it’s all we really needed for inflight entertainment for Eden. It has puzzles, stories, nursery rhymes, games and more. It’s educational too so you don’t feel too bad shoving them in front of the iPad parent. He learnt loads- there was even a story game about going on a plane and what you can and can’t take in your suitcase. Daddy’s review was “it’s a bloody god send”. Honestly, I’ve never seen Eden so immersed in an app- it’s the best one I’ve tried and I can’t thank them enough for coming along at the right time and asking me to review. If you have a toddler and are going on a long journey or holiday then kidloland is worth the subscription. Your child will learn, have fun and be entertained. He’s used it countless times throughout the holiday, when we needed him to chill out for half an hour to regain some energy for the beach and mini disco. I really don’t know what we would of done without it. He loved the puzzles section as he adores doing puzzles at home, but it’s not feasible to bring 4 million pieces in our suitcase is it? We didn’t take any toys other than the iPads and they didn’t need them. There was a sandy beach and a bucket and spade, a swimming pool and that’s all they needed.

Holidays are certainly different to what they used to be and that’s ok. Yes we had to stop Eden downing our cocktails, yes we didn’t really sit down, yes we did the okey cokey most nights on stage, yes we were knackered at the end of each day after swimming, sea and parks. But it was great fun. There was blood (Xander scratched me on the plane on the way out and gave Sam a nose bleed on the way back), sweat (walking up and down the harbour in the blazing sun trying to get two little boys to sleep) and plenty of tears- you can guess who’s those were.

We didn’t wear half the clothes we took, most days the boys were just in a pair of shorts without tops or even shoes. Our most used item was baby powder- THE only way to quickly dry off and it removes sand with magical powers. Towels were chucked in the seats of buggy to encase dripping bodies. The boys were so brown I was just convinced they were a bit dusty. White bums, white soles of feet and white creases in Xanders rolls of baby fat.

It’s fitting that you travel through the sky to get to your destination because it really was heaven. These boys and my family are my home and my adventure all in one.


Links for the KidloLand App:

iOS:   KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes

Google Play Store: Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, ABC Phonics, Preschool

Amazon Appstore: Nursery Rhymes, ABC songs- KidloLand


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