Teacher Hat On

Parents everywhere will know that you have to wear a lot of hats now you are a parent. Teacher, chauffeur, chef, army sergeant, nurse, clown, life coach, motivator, stylist, negotiator, investor, sports coach, cleaner and all round personal assistant (personal bitch) to your little ones. Are we experts at these things? No. No we are definitely not. Most of it we are learning on the job, winging it and googling our way through.

The most important role we play is teacher. We have to teach our kids all they know. They come to us as little blank canvases and we have to guide them into adult hood. No biggy. (!!!!!!)

For this reason I was delighted when I met Olivia through Instagram. Olivia is a teacher. A proper one. And she has created an eBook to help the likes of me who are most definitely NOT teachers. She has set up True Tutors. She kindly sent me The Early Years Toolkit ebook to try with Eden.

The aim of the ebook is to guide your little one into school. Fun activities you can do at home which will support their learning. Eden is nearly 2 and a half so we are not really thinking about school yet but it is never too early to start. And Olivia assured me there would be things for Eden to do in there. And Olivia knows.

True to her word. Eden loved the activities in the book. Some were obviously way too advanced- like writing. But some were great and surprising how much he could learn. He learnt what a RHOMBUS is. I mean come on. If that’s not impressive and worth £14.99 I don’t know what is. He can successfully name and identify a RHOMBUS.

He even got introduced to simple mathematics. He was grasping (with the help of some cute penguins) that if there were 4 penguins and you took away 2- there were 2 penguins left. He astounded me with his correct answers. He particularly liked the visual aspect of the book- which I guess is why True Tutors are experts. It engaged him. There is an activity that asks the child to identify if there is more of one thing or the other. Are there more hats or more socks? After he counted them both he could tell me which one had more. This really is a great toolkit to help your little ones learn. I felt like a proper teacher and after half an hour using the toolkit I felt accomplished. We had fun and he learnt loads. My little blank canvas getting more and more coloured.

There are even cute cards to help your child schedule their day. Eden loved these. We set out in the morning what we were going to do. Breakfast, Nursery, Shopping, Toys, TV, Dinner, Bath, Brush our teeth, Story Time and Bed. This scuppered the usual bed time avoidance. He knew what was coming. He was excited for what was coming next and was collecting up the cards. He felt prepared and in control and toddlers love to feel that way. However, he did try to put the toys card in between the teeth brushing and bed.

Daddy even did the difficult words section with him. Phase 4 sounds. Repeating them over and over again. Nest, fridge, glasses, tusk, text, shelf, script. One deep voice coming from his bedroom followed by a high one. The toolkit is a great support to guide us so that Eden can continue learning at home as well as nursery and eventually school. We wouldn’t know to do these things otherwise. How would we? We’ve never taught anyone difficult words or maths. But Olivia has and we can steal her expertise through this book.

I’m sure the toolkit is something we will revisit over and over. Each time a new skill is learnt. I’ve already eyed up the handwriting section and can’t wait to get him going. We’ve started by tracing letters and numbers with our fingers. Introducing him to those shapes. How cool is that? You can see him learning right before your eyes. It’s over 80 pages and I’ve barely touched on what it really has to offer. If your child is approaching school age- maybe starting this September- it would be perfect to do with them over summer to give them the best start.

The Early Years Toolkit ebook costs £14.99 and I think it’s so worth it. I mean how much would a tutor cost you? And that’s basically what this is. What that makes you! It allows you to teach your toddler what a rhombus is. It is emailed directly to your Inbox so you can print off and get started straight away or use on a tablet. It’s great because you can print it off again and again and do the worksheets. If you use code EARLY20 before the 30th June 2017 you will get 20% off. Visit the website here.

Thanks so much to Olivia for sending this to us and using your expertise to help others.

I’m off out now- looking for rhombuses (rhombusi?) to show off Edens new party trick.






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