My Friend Goo- A Review.

Xander was lucky enough to be sent a new teether to try. Anyone who has been following me will know that teething has been the bane of my life recently. It’s right up there with people who park in Parent and child spaces without any kids. Or old ones that are perfectly capable of getting out of a normal space. Anyway I digress…

Xander and I had tried everything. Too long to list. But the only thing that worked was a chew on my finger. His three needle teeth puncturing my knuckles is no fun. And I’m sure he doesn’t like the taste of Fake Tan. That really tall mammal teether I used with Eden and I wasn’t a fan of her limbs sticking down his throat – so Xander didn’t get one of those. But when Jenna from Cloud and Cuckoo approached us to try her handmade teether we jumped at the chance. I had to stop myself replying to her with “FUCK YES PLEASE HELP US”.

And he arrived. Or she. I think Goo is gender neutral. My friend Goo. Packaged beautifully, nestled in some straw and with a hand written note. Nice touch. I had high hopes. He/ she looked up at me with its little heart for a nose. Please help I thought.

Eden ripped it open, sensing my excitement and handed it to Xander. All I can say is WOW. He instantly munched it. Hard. He held it so easily. It’s lovely and light and he didn’t drop it! The shape has been specifically designed to be easy to hold and it really does work. He chewed it for a full ten minutes. No joke. He loved it.

He especially likes the tail which is designed to get to those hard to reach places. It’s a hollow satisfying surface to bite and chew. And chew that little munchkin did. My fingers just might be saved. Goo is going to come everywhere with us from now on. I think he/ she really will be our new bestie. I get why it’s called My Friend Goo. Goo won’t go mouldy either because he/ she is completely sealed- so they can stay with us forever. Natural rubber, ethically sourced and hand painted- what’s not to love. And you get Mum points for helping them develop their fine motor skills.

Thank you Goo for easing my little mans pain. And mine. He’s self- soothing himself as I write this. My fingers are free to type! He’s taking it out on My Friend Goo instead. Hallelujah!

Check out their website here.




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