With recent events in a city that I hold very dear to me- One I wTorked in, played in, cried in and grew in- I felt an overwhelming urge to write.

London. I am so sorry for you.

As a mum, things like this run deeper than they ever did before. My boys are so innocent. So unaware of anything that goes on in this world. And I want to keep them that way for as long as possible. It really breaks my heart that one day they will be aware of all this bullshit.

How, as parents, do we manage in a modern, really scary world? How do you explain to your children that some people just hate and hurt innocent people? How do I explain that a man got in a car and did what he did? For now I am thankful that at 2 years old and 5 months old they are blissfully unaware and safe in my arms.

How do I shelter them? How do I protect them? But also, how do I let them find their way and be free to learn and grow. Today it seems like an impossible task. I am scared for them. Scared for this world, scared for what it might become. But I also refuse to let this stop us doing anything we want to do. Anywhere we want to go. London we will see you soon to make more memories with my precious family.

From the reports I’m hearing there were hundreds of good people for that one bad. People running from hospitals to help, running towards and not from the devastation. This is how I plan to tell my children about these events. For one bad person, there were many many many good.

For now, with tears in my eyes, it’s comforting, yet heartbreaking that they do not know. But I am fully aware that the future will come and I will have to explain to them that sometimes, not often, but often enough, this world is so very cruel. And boys- I am sorry.

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