Rock ‘n’ Roll

This weekend Mummy and Daddy were let loose for a weekend away in Edinburgh. Thanks so much Alex and Nicola for deciding to get married all the way up there and giving us an excuse for a couple of nights away. Hurrah!!!!

Getting there was a mission of course which started about a week ago when I began packing, not for us, packing the kids up. This is an absolute task. The boys, the dog and the Jumperoo all went to stay at Nanny & Grandads for three nights. They had approx 312 bags. And I still didn’t pack enough milk. Who knows if I even packed socks? Our car resembled a tour bus and a band hitting the road for a six month tour. And Nanny and Grandad did in fact have quite the gig with a 2 year old, 4 month old and a slightly insane dog. As I’m drafting this (in the park) that very dog just snuck into a VERY busy children’s play area that he’s definitely not allowed in to see Eden and Daddy. He’s been taken out by a swing. I wasn’t paying attention and Husband told me off. See, you’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head with this lot.

We left Nanny and Grandads to cries of “We have done this before with you and your sister so don’t worry!” But let’s have it right they were a lot younger then so I will worry. More about them and their sanity actually than the kids.

And it was marvellous. I had a SMALL REALLY NICE HANDBAG. Instead of a waterproof, bomb proof huge baby bag. WE USED THE ESCALATORS, instead of aimlessly trying to find lifts all the time. We sipped Prosecco at lunchtime- however, I do that when the kids are about so that’s not that different really. WE HELD HANDS- my husbands not my two year olds. I had a snooze on the flight, painted my nails (soz to everyone around seat 31b in the easyJet to Edinburgh that I gassed out but I wasn’t THAT organised to do it in advance). And it really was a treat. Wonder what our little rock band were up to?

And we slept. We slept that first night (after quite a few drinks and a kebab). All night. No interruptions. Then we woke. At 6am. Out of habit. Fucks sake. I lay there willing myself back to sleep. I actually counted sheep. One of the extremely rare chances of a lie-in for over 2 years and we couldn’t. I phoned Nanny and Grandad just to see what the babies were doing. I missed that morning madness so much. Who knew? Being a parent is so confusing sometimes. So not only have those little people ruined my stomach, they’ve ruined my sleep chances forever. Fast forward 18 years when they are out on the town and I can’t sleep until I hear that key in the door and the stumble to the fridge at 3am with their mates.

At the Wedding I warned everyone not to let me get too trollied and pull out the 11,000 (true story) pictures of my babies to a long lost Aunt and start blubbing. No one wants to be that parent. But it’s hard. They are my life and I am so bloody proud of them. I want to tell anyone who will listen how Eden can count to eleven, sometimes 14 and can say hello and goodbye in French. He’s practically bi-lingual. And have you heard Xander has just started chuckling- here’s a 30 second video of him. Luckily there were lots of other people in the same boat- all fantastically thrilled to be free from their miniatures, but at the same time doing nothing but talking about them. We aren’t who we used to be that’s for sure. Being parents has changed us whether we like it or not and we would all walk 500 miles and then 500 more to get home to them. We missed them. Plain and simple we missed those tiny grubby faces. For all we moan we wanted it. See how confusing that is?

And EVERYTHING reminds you of them. Not that you need reminding of course. Those Bagpipes? Reminiscent of X’s crying. Those tiny Kilts in the tourist shops- WE HAVE TO GET ONE and matching cashmere jumpers for them. The Groom and his Best Man- brothers- enter tears stage right during their speeches. That discarded tissue, oh their little runny noses. There was even a shop called EDEN and his name was everywhere. Seriously just what I needed when I was missing him. Truth is I’m not a soloist anymore, I don’t want to be, I need my band. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed their gig as a duo but we are much better as the full band. We did our bit, proved we’ve still got it (if we ever had it) and remembered slightly that we used to be more rock ‘n’ roll- ask Eden and he’ll tell you he’s been “living at Nanny and Grandads while Mummy and Daddy go party” (HERO)- will definitely raise some eyebrows at nursery this week. And to top it off I actually have to carry all my shopping bags without a pram to stash them under and I can’t buy half as much. Can we go home now then?

As for Nanny and Grandad- asked them out for Sunday lunch when we got back. Flatly declined. Says it all. Being minders for tiny rock stars ain’t easy, but we love it and I’m glad to be back meeting the demands of their riders.

4 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll

  1. Well blogging! Your 3 blogs have just cheered up my commute to work. Just when you begin to think that a train coming to a halt is a concern it is that realisation that it’s nada in the context of life.

    It would seem there aren’t too many right or wrongs with parenting. You just have to go with the flow and be the best you can be which you are doing.

    You have inspired me…When the inevitable Monday blues kick in and I have a lull in productivity I will be sure to turn to a bottle of lucozade, ask Google the best advice on getting through the day and palm my work off onto my colleagues. After all, there’s no right or wrong in life is there? 😝

    Keep up the good work!

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